4 things you didn’t know about bed bugs

Bed bugs are creepy crawlies that causes itching on your skin and you can end up spending sleepless nights. It is important to know about bed bugs in order to protect your bed from them. Here are four facts you didn’t know about bed bugs.

Bed bugs will appear even if you are very clean

Bed bugs not only appear in dirty and messy areas. They can also exist in clean areas. They want access to lots of people, so they occupy densely-populated building. Regular cleaning of properties cannot keep them away.

They can live on any surface

Bed bugs not only live on beds. They can appear in any kind of surface including chairs, railings, ceiling, suitcases, light switch plates, etc.

They don’t hang around your body

Bed bugs bite us; but unlike ticks and lice they don’t hand around our bodies. Body heat makes them uncomfortable. They avoid clothing that are close to our bodies. They look for cooler places like shoes, backpacks or luggage.

They can bite any time

Although they are known to be nocturnal, they can attack you any time; even during the day. So, you cannot scare them off by turning your lights on. Whenever bed bugs are hungry they will come out and bite you.

Bed bugs don’t transmit any disease. But you feel itchy when they bite. Bed bugs can cause anxiety, insomnia and skin infections. If you have a bed bug infestation, contact a pest control professional to help you. These professionals know the habits of bed bugs and so know the best way to get rid of them. They will inspect your house and recommend the best course of treatment.